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10 Truly Awesome DIY Garden Accessories

Thanks to the following ideas regarding DIY garden accessories, you can put into use old and unwanted stuff and create some fascinating and inventive things that will transform the look of your garden straight away.

Kid’s Herb Garden

To create a toddler herb garden, find one or two old pots or containers. Add a mixture of potting mix and compost into the pot and fill it to the top. Mix up the potting mix and compost thoroughly using a rake or spoon. Make holes in the soil mixture and plant the seedlings.

Softly press the soil surrounding the plant to achieve soil compaction. After planting, give the herb seedlings a good watering to facilitate their settling into the new soil. Place the pot or container containing the herb seedlings in a sunny spot for sunlight exposure.

Bead Buster Garden Ornament

Make use of those left over beads which you consider unnecessary. Cut off the top section of your hanger using a heavy duty wire pliers. Straighten the remaining piece and carve it into your desired shape or design.

Using a separate wire, create a small loop or ring at one end to avoid the beads falling off. Throw in all your beads in the wire. When the wire is nearly full, create another loop at the opposite end to make certain the beads are trapped across the wire.

Bind your decorated wire around the hanger wire design that you previously made. The end result is an awesome ornament in your backyard to illuminate the light.

Tin Can Lanterns

You can create striking can lanterns out of recycled tin cans. You will basically need several tin cans, a hammer and a nail.

Fill each tin can with solid ice, and after that create holes using the nail and hammer. The ice helps prevent the can from getting dented during the nail-hammering process. Be inventive with the hole patterns.

Slip candles in the each of the respective cans and enjoy beautiful lighting in your garden.

Bike Planter

Thinking about discarding your old, worn-out bicycle? Hold on for a second. You can visit your local hardware store and purchase a portable planter which attaches easily to the framework of your bicycle.

Basically, the planter holds the soil for plants to grow and its combination with the bicycle framework will ultimately transform your garden into a beautiful haven.

You can place the planter at the back or in front of the bicycle or even at the pedals.

Chair Planter

If you come across a beat up chair with tremendous personality to discard, you can transform it into a beautiful chair planter in your garden.

Firstly, remove the seat section. Secondly, use wood glue to strengthen any of the loose joints and parts. Sand the chair and apply a nice exterior paint.

Next, find a decorative pot or small planter that fits into the open seat-section of the chair. Fill the pot with soil and plant your favorite plants or flowers or whatever you desire to showcase in your chair.

Pallet Planter

The pallet wood is strong and may well last several seasons in outdoors which makes the ideal raw material for creating planters.

Disassemble an original pallet and create a square-shaped wooden box with the side facing up left open. Insert an old bin in the pallet wooden box through the open top section to act as the plant pot.

Hopefully the plants or flowers you plant will conceal the old bin or pot to some extent.

Swan Nightlight

For just a few dollars, get yourself a plastic swan planter at your local store. It features a hole in the rear side where you can insert a string of colorful LED light accessories running all the way up to the swan’s neck.

Plug in the lights and enjoy the remarkable light in your garden during the nighttime emanating from the LED lights inside the swan.

Tire Swing

A tire swing makes a great playing tool in your garden especially for your children. Pick out a tire and drill holes in the underneath sidewall.

The holes should be evenly spaced to allow for better draining. With the top-side facing up, create three holes in a triangular plane on the sidewall where you’ll attach the eye-bolts that will be connecting to the chains that will hold up the tire swing.

Thread the respective eye-bolts in the three holes and tighten them securely. Next, thread S-hook attachments into the respective eye-bolts and make sure they are closed around the eye-bolts.

Since all the S-hooks are fastened to the eye-bolts, the next step involves attaching each of the three chains to each of the fastened S-hooks.

To complete the tire swing project, you will need to attach the swivel to the S-hooks, the connector link to the swivel and the clip-hook to the connector link. The last step is hanging the tire swing chain to a tree or a swing set.

Tire Chair

Create a DIY tire chair for relaxation in your garden. Drill several holes on the side wall of your chosen tire using a drill. Make sure the holes are straight and horizontal with each other.

Next, paint the tire with your desired spray color paint. Now, thread a tough rope through the drilled holes to complete a perfect weave. After the weaving process, your tire chair should be complete.

Up Cycled Tire Planter

Get a junk tire. Get an old stool or table and trim the legs down to the perfect height. Next, cut out a circular plywood stand on which to attach the legs.

There after, screw the tire firmly to the plywood base so that the tire is at the top while it’s supported by the wooden legs. Now add soil to plywood base and fill the entire open section of the tire.

Transfer your plants and flowers to this new spacious planting space.

DIY Garden Furniture
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